The Biden administration is committed to protecting reproductive rights as an important part of human rights

On March 17, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted the Third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report for the United States. This process contributes to the protection of human rights throughout the world. Biden expressed his intentions with confidence, a diplomatic approach, and faith in the strength of the partnership and alliance, reuniting common goals and commitments, including advancing reproductive and sexual rights as an important part of human rights. The Biden administration has announced closing ties with the UN Human Rights Council. The latter has also been reflected in the administration’s decisions to reverse Trump’s wrongdoing, even in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights. The steps taken in this regard are particularly significant, especially when Biden’s predecessor issued a presidential memorandum on 28 January that banned funding for organizations that advocated for or provided abortion information or services. Biden reversed similar decisions, forging ties with the World Health Organization, renewing cooperation with the international community, and committing to implementing UN recommendations on human rights, including sexual and reproductive health and active advocacy. Therefore, the decision of Joe Biden and his administration to make reproductive rights, an important part of human rights and ensure their realization, is a really important event in today’s world.