Association “HERA XXI” ensures equal conditions for all applicants. Inadmissibility of discrimination is guaranteed by non-discrimination policy of organization. This framework of non-discrimination prohibits any distinction, exclusion or restriction on the basis of sex; age; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation; marital status; sexual history or behavior, real or imputed; race; color; ethnicity; language; religion; political or other opinion; national, geographical or social origin; property; birth; physical or mental disability; health status, including HIV; and civil, political, social or other status

Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation stating their skills, experience and qualification (CV and accompanying letter).

The candidates are required to submit references (from the University, their previous workplace or other) before the job interview.

Decision making

A successful candidate is approved by the executive director and a  contract is drawn up for a trial period. Upon the successful completion of a trial period, further terms are determined and agreed regarding the contract extension. Candidates who fail to meet the requirements will be notified via email or phone call. During selection of candidates the advantage is given to those wishing to volunteer in the same sphere and preferably  in the same organization in which the position was announced.