Target groups:

  • Youth
  • Students
  • Youth live in rural areas
  • Internally displaced people
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • School doctors
  • Family doctors and general practice nurses
  • Doctor reproductologists and gynecologists

Association HERA XXI promotes formal and non formal education regarding SRHR
One of the strategic direction of Association HERA XXI the promotion of formal and informal education regarding SRHR

Informal education

საინფორამციო-საგანმანათლებლო სესიები

Informational –educational sessions

Within the framework of the informal educational component, by using the “Peer to Peer” methodology 523 young people have been trained and 5969 informational and educationan sessions have been  held for the young people in Tbilisi, Imereti, Samegrelo, Samtske-Javakheti, Kvemo Qartli and Shida Qartli region.

Young people trained through the “All in One Curriculum” which adapted in 2017 in line with the standards and priorities set by UNAIDS, WHO, WAS and UNSECO.

curriculum helps young people to acquire informal education on reproductive health and rights, psychosexual education, etc.

Web page –

Web page is supported by Association HERA XXI;
Web page aims to inform and increase awareness of parents on SRHR issues in order to provide right and age-appropriate information to their children.

Capacity building for professional groups

Capacity building  for professional groups 

  • For advancement of skills of professional groups more than 60 training have been held and more than 600 service providers have been trained (obstetrician-gynecologist, nurse, midwifes, family doctors) on the family planning methods and pre and post-abortion counselling techniques, modern methods contraception, safe abortion, sexual and reproductive rights, patient’s rights, gender sensitive approach and principles of high quality reproductive health services
  • More than 60 Mass media representatives were trained

Online Learning Course for teachers and TOT Educators

Target groups:

  • Youth 15-29
  • Students
  • TOT Educators


Formal education

Online Learning Course for service providers

target groups:

  • family doctors
  • gynecologists and doctor reproductologists

Aim of the Course:

to develop skills regarding diagnostics of reproductive health-related cases including prevention measures; improve the effective communication with patient.

Online Learning Course for school doctors:

target groups:

  • school doctors

Aim of the Course:

To develop and increase the knowledge of school doctors and nurses through gaining practical skills for the effective implementation of interaction with adolescents and their family regarding bio-psycho-social development and reproductive health of adolescents.