Volunteerism and Youth Involvement Policy

  1. A volunteer is a member of association who offers his/her services to that association free of charge. The role of the young people in the association is unique and the recruitment, support and motivation of volunteers and especially youth should be the priority of every self respected unit looking in the future. Encouragement plays a pivotal role in the passion commitment and experience of the young volunteers.
  2. The leadership of Association HERA XXI shall be provided by its volunteers that are the main source and of its strength. HERA XXI is committed to protect and reinforce voluntarism as the primary characteristic of its structure. To ensure continuing sound leadership, HERA XXI encourages involvement of qualified members from a wide range of disciplines to volunteer their services and to involve young people and women in leadership capacity. Association HERA XXI is committed to maintain a wide and diversified membership based and to maximize the availability of existing volunteers and recruiting also new members.
  1. Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers are recruited on the basis of their readiness to make a contribution to the development of the organizations work and the issues for which it exists to advocate and defend. Volunteers are supposed to actively participate in the activities on the basis of the expertise, time and willingness they offer to organizational work. Where volunteer are rewarded or received incentives this should be determined by the extent of their contribution to HERA XXI by the Board members.  The incentives are clearly set and defined according to the IPPF Policy. The financial reimbursement for the personal expenses is based on the written minute or agreement also according to the IPPF policy.   HERA XXI is conscious and makes greater efforts to recruit as many volunteers as possible in order to retain their enthusiasms and commitments to contribute to HERA XXI. Organization is motivated to recruit volunteers, especially, from the different regions of the country. HERA XXI measures by reporting systematically the activities and inputs of their volunteers at both local and regional levels. Voluntary work should be visible and organization itself should demonstrate their contribution.

  1. Voluntarism is the base that is integrated as resource. HERA XXI is aimed to widen the voluntary participation. The voluntary contribution is always taken into account and integrated into the planning process when the annual work plan is developed. This enables the volunteers to be more involved in and contribute to the organization at all levels. The Association makes particular effort to ensure that members of under-represented or marginalized groups are recruited as members of the organization HERA XXI is determined to increase youth involvement and give access to diversity and range of educational materials for young people in order to reach their effective contribution to improvement of SRHR situation in Georgia.

Points to stress:

  • Volunteers must be motivated by assurance of adequate working conditions. (Giving on time and in place incentives);
  • Full members youth must be motivated to be involve in the governing bodies centrally and locally;
  • Volunteers are able to become members of the governing body, if she/he is volunteer of the organization at least 1 year;
  • Recruitment for diversified membership should be ensured;
  • The collaboration with existing youth organization for better involvement of youth nationally and internationally should be encouraged;
  • Volunteers (new/existing) are committed to IPPF and the Association HERA-XXI’s vision, mission, values and agrees the nondiscriminatory treatment;
  1. Volunteers volunteering their services to the Association shall not receive any payment for those services except for expenses incurred in line with IPPF Policy on volunteers’ reimbursement.
  2. Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • Establish a friendly relationship with other volunteers;
  • Explore the community to encourage independence;
  • Provide support during community activities;
  • Support and encourage your peer/friend in performing activities in collaboration with other providers.
  • Provide information about the Association “HERA-XXI” and suggested free services among youth;
  • Participate into the activities organized by the Association “HERA-XXI”
  • Terminate relationship with peer/friend when you can no longer volunteer;
  1. Association encourages involvement of its volunteer in regional IPPF structures, including youth networks by:
  • Giving the information about the IPPF and its youth networks
  • Giving the information about the upcoming international events
  • Giving a chance to be representative of the organization on the national/international level, equally.
  1. Youth volunteer involvement provides the opportunity to shape the next generation of leaders and contributes to active citizenship. Young volunteers are provided with the different perspective from adult volunteers and vice versa to ensure effective youth adult partnership. Young volunteers are open minded and relatively flexible that makes the huge contribution to the youth related processes inside and outside of the organization.
  2. The main strategy to the recruitment of volunteers and especially youth is to provide them with the rights to be considered and equal members of the sexual and reproductive health team, to be kept informed, to be given appropriate and well defined assignments in the association and on the team, to receive orientation and training for the job he/ she is assigned to do, to be given guidance and direction , to be respected and recognized, to have clear procedures for reimbursement of expenses of travel.
  3. Youth volunteering from the rights perspective means HERA XXI should: Enhance the personal growth of the volunteer, training possibility; Enhance future career possibilities inside and outside of the association that includes give priority to volunteer when there is new staff post, especially to active youth under 25, linkages with employment agencies, giving references; Promote a sense of pride and self-regard, regardless of the input of the volunteer; focus on personal growth and personal opportunities and job opportunities through networking and skills acquisition; stress the individual satisfaction and promote friendship; have an inclusive approach, include young people living with HIV/ young people with disabilities etc, show zero tolerance to discrimination and give them an opportunities to be involved into the working processes of the Association( including governance ).

Working with young volunteers should be as reward. Relationships with them should include: respecting individualism, setting and meeting clear expectation, facilitating reflection and learning. (“You tell me and I forget, you teach me and I remember, you involve me and I learn.”-Benjamin Franklin)

  1. the representative of the governing body of the Association “HERA-XXI” are volunteers and they can’t apply for any paid position within the Association, unless they have tendered their resignation and at least 6 months has passed;

The upmost importance of the strategy  is to create a safe environment for volunteers, empower them, and equip with responsibilities requiring to be prudent and reliable, to carry out tasks to the best of his her ability, to respect confidentiality of clients, to be loyal to the association, to accept guidance and criticism,  to maintain good working relationships with other members in the team, both volunteers and staff, to be willing to learns and participate as full team member, to be accountable , transparent and available.

Volunteering should be based on the following principles: dignity, respect, non discrimination, equity, accountability. Volunteerism work in practice, basic: communication, incentives, recruitment, management.

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