1. Non-Discrimination

Association HERA XXI has adopted non-discrimination policy, through which we want to provide a safe and welcoming environment for PLHIV. Our environment will be free from harassment and discrimination. All situations related to HIV and AIDS will be governed by the following principles;

  • Discrimination against employees or applicants, volunteers, Board members having (or perceived as having) living with or otherwise affected by HIV / AIDS will not be accepted. HIV / AIDS will be treated the same as other illnesses (in terms of all policies and benefits, including leaves of absence). We recognize that anyone living with HIV/AIDS or other life-threatening illness may wish to continue in as many of their normal pursuits as the illness allows.
  • All employees/volunteers Board members must adhere to our non-discrimination policy. No member who refuse to work with, withhold services from, harass or otherwise discriminate against another member, client, beneficiary because of his/her having HIV/AIDS, perceived as having, living with HIV/AIDS, or otherwise affected by HIV/AIDS, will be subject to leaving organization considered by governing body of the organization.
  1. HIV Confidentiality and Disclosure

We will strongly encourage routine, confidential, voluntary counseling as part of our service, education and awareness programs. Any member’s medical information (including HIV status) is personal and will be treated as confidential, in accordance with applicable laws.

Any member who contracts HIV or is already HIV positive will not be obliged to inform us. Should they choose to do so, we will take all reasonable precaution to ensure confidentiality and the right to disclosure.


3. Promoting a safe environment

We are committed to providing an environment that protects the health and safety to PLHIV. This commitment recognizes that HIV/ AIDS cannot be transmitted through casual contact. People who know the facts about HIV infection and AIDS are less likely to react negatively or inappropriately to somebody’s illness. The risk of HIV infection will be managed through appropriate training, awareness and education on the use of infection control measures in the workplace and out of place. Specific focus will be made on the enhancing skills of PLHIV advocacy groups.


4.Involving PLHIV in Board

Association HERA XXI is committed to involve PLHIV in the board by means of enhancing their advocacy skills and encourage them to become the leaders and ownership of the HIV/AIDS related processes and contribute in the elimination of related Stigma and Discrimination and promoting positive prevention.


5.Policy review

We will review this policy periodically to respond to the progression of the organization work, developments in medical care and the experiences drawn from our work.

Adopted on 15.08.2008

Reviewed on 20.06.2012