You have the right to enjoy your human rights on an equal basis as other individuals, free from discrimination!

You have the right of free choice !

You have the right to live free from discrimination, exploitation and violence !

You have the right to make free choice and decisions on your health and future !

You have the right to access sexual and reproductive health services and information !

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Doctor-reproductologist + -

Hera XXI  offers a free online face-to-face consultation with a highly qualified reproductive doctor, who will advise you on important sexual and reproductive health issues – modern contraceptives and various family planning methods;

Contact us on the number: 0 32 2 01 12 21 – (Internal number of the doctor-reproductologist – “3”).

Online counseling of a doctor-reproductologist + -

Association “Hera XXI” offers free, anonymous online counseling of a doctor-reproductologist.

You can receive online-counselling of sexual and reproductive health issues.

For online counselling please write us:

Legal counseling + -

Hera XXI offers free, face-to-face, online telephone consultation with a highly qualified lawyer.
If you think that your right has been violated, contact us at: 0 32 2 01 12 21 (Internal number of the legal consultant “4”)
Get an online consultation:

Online counseling of a social worker + -

Association “HERA XXI” offers free, face-to-face telephone consultation with a social worker from Monday to Friday, from 10:30 to 18:30. Contact us on 0 32 2 01 12 21 – (Social Worker Internal Number “2”) and receive social worker services on social issues in an anonymous confidential environment: