Parent Information and Awareness Raising Campaign has completed in Khelvachauri. Like in other regions, presentation of the website and respective mobile applications – – has been conducted successfully and with active participation of the audience.

On February 23, Hera XXI conducted an information meeting at the Akhaltsikhe Youth Centre within the framework of Parent Information and Awareness Raising Campaign.

The meeting was attended by parents, teachers and representatives of Akhaltsikhe Mayor’s Office.

On 8th of February, Association Hera XXI conducted another informational-educational meeting with the members of „Girls Club“ of „Crime prevention center“ of the Ministry of Justice. The meeting had been quite interesting and fruitful for 14-18 years old adolescent. At the meeting, girls got information about Reproductive health, physiological or psychological aspects of puberty, healthy lifestyle, early marriages and pregnancy, etc. In addition to this, girls got information about our youth group and youth activities. Same of them expressed their will to join...

In the end of 2017, peer-educators of association „Hera XXI“ conducted trainings for their peers – students and school pupils. During trainings, which were held in Tbilisi, Samtske-Javakheti, Imereti and Samegrelo, young people discussed the issues like healthy lifestyle and its importance, reproductive rights, early marriage – causes, results and problem solutions ways, STIs and their prevention.

On 23th of December, Association HERA XXI conducted concluding event of one-month learning-course for beginner journalists. Course aimed to inform students from the faculty of Journalism on reproductive health and rights in order to help them prepare interesting and high-quality journalist products above mentioned topics during their future professional work. Trainings were conducted by relevant field experts. At the concluding meeting participants were awarded with certificates.

On 23th of December, youth group of Association HERA XXI with an invitation of European Youth Center conducted informational-educational meeting on the reproductive health and rights at International Black Sea University. The meeting has been conducted under the fifth term of Model Youth European parliament with participant pupils and students.