On 11th of October youth group representatives of Association HERA XXI conducted informational-educational sessions for students in cooperation with the self-government of Tbilisi State University. Association Hera XXI’s Informational-educational sessions included following topics: human reproductive system and puberty, sex, gender and reproductive health, early marriage and healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, youth group representatives of HERA XXI have provided an information to students about youth-friendly services and volunteering opportunities within the organization. 45 young girls participated in this meeting....

Every year since 2012, we celebrate The international day of the girl on oct.11, to highlight the threats, discrimination, and issues facing their well-being. Girls worldwide deserve better: better education, better survival rates, better protection from child marriage and sexual assault, better access to resources, better health outcomes, and a better future. The main priority of 2017 campaign is supporting accessibility of education for every girl. On 11th of October "youth group" representatives of Association HERA XXI conducted a quiz game...

Website EHERA.GE offering an online manual on sexual and reproductive health issues.

For the first time, school and family physicians, teachers, informal educators and young people have an opportunity to take a continuous remote learning course on sexual and reproductive health and rights and to share with others knowledge that is crucial for healthy development of adolescents and young people.

August 12 – International Youth Day!  

The day has been observed at the UN’s initiative since 1999. Every year the day gathers millions of young people from all over the world under different themes.