Association HERA XXI created innovative webpage FORPARENTS.GE

Association HERA XXI created innovative webpage for parents, which aims to raise awareness of parents on SRHR, so that they can be able to deliver right and age appropriate information to their children.
FORPARENTS.GE is a Comprehensive guide which help you to start a conversation on SRHR with your child.

Recent studies, among which is also research conducted by HERA XXI have shown that young people do not have full information on the most important aspect of their life – sexual and reproductive health, because they get information from unreliable sources and lack communication with their parents on sexual and reproductive health.

Another reason why youth have lack comprehensive information on SRHR is that parents are inconvenient to talk about this issues and don’t have reliable and qualified information.
As a result following problems: early pregnancy, STI, early marriage, and Psychological problems caused by them are in place.

Taking into the consideration all above mentioned aspects Аssociation HERA XXI created guide which help parents start conversation on SRHR with their child.