Associate “Hera XXI“ at Ilia State University annual employment fair

“Hera XXI“ at Ilia State University annual employment fair:
We continue active working for the development of volunteer culture in Georgia and encouragement of civil responsibility of young people.

 On 17th of November, „Hera XXI“ participated in Ilia State University annual employment fair. At the event, students from various faculties and specialties got information about our organization, services and volunteer opportunities. Representatives of HERA XXI have provided an information to students about youth – friendly services and volunteering opportunities within the organization. Students – both boys and girls expressed high interest in organization’s activities. They underlined importance of working in the direction of reproductive health and rights. In addition to this, they expressed a will to involve in the activities of „Hera XXI“.
We would like to thank all the students, who are interested in the „Hera XXI“ youth projects and who joined our volunteers team. Our organization is open to every young person, who shares the principles and values of the organization and is interested in increasing awareness about reproductive health and rights.